Chef Allen Consulting


Burger Bar by Chef Allen


Burger Bar is a Chef inspired Burger concept.

Chef Allen’s Burgers are great – the best in town. Our bar is fun, full service and action packed with signature drinks, craft beers and adult shakes.

It is a haven, out of the hurry of the moment, to catch up with friends and family. It differentiates itself with a touch of service that goes beyond the typical. We take a “hands on” approach to making everybody happy. The chef made burgers, salads, and shakes and other foods are interesting but not intimidating. The flavors reflect our diverse cultures from right here in South Florida.


Burger Bar is a casual concept of local, tropical and delicious flavors in an enormously comfortable environment. Visually striking elements are part of the perception.  A commitment to sustainable ingredients, packaging and recycling are integral to our company’s culture.


Chef Allen has been flipping burgers for over 4 decades. He knows how to cook a burger: meaty, juicy & savory.  During his formative days Allen griddled thousands of burgers many summers at Rockaway Beach in NYC.  His straightforward joy of cooking stirred him to become a chef. Chef Allen returns to his roots of flipping great burgers.  Simple, Honest, and Authentic – made to order Burgers.

Quality matters and Great Burgers begin with great ingredients prepared minimally and well. While recognizing the need for the familiar and the desire for choice and surprise, Allen has created  Burger Bar by Chef Allen. The prime element of our Great Burger is simplicity itself. “The secret to a great burger is being obsessed with meat, its quality and handling” Chef Allen Susser.